12,1" Low Reflective Touch

Low Reflective (LR)

The luminance emitted by an average LCD reaches 200-350 nits approximately. If we place such LCD outdoors and in the sunlight ( brightness is around 10,000nits), the reflected light will be too bright to keep us from clearly seeing what’s on the LCD. As researched, the luminance of a LCD for outdoor use must be greater than 200fL (686 nits) to make an acceptable vision on it. As a result, many enhanced LCD, whether built with polarizer or with increased luminance, emerge in the market in order to overcome the viewing environment outdoors.

AMT successfully developed the Low Reflective Touch Screens compatible with any average LCD. An ordinary LCD used in conjunction with AMT’s Low Reflective Touch Screen will effectively reduce light reflectivity to so low as 1.5%~6.5% that the screen will be clearly visible. The core technology AMT applies is reducing the reflection of touch screen while reinforcing the light transmission of touch screen at the same time. Developers need not modify the LCD to make his/her product fit for outdoor use.

In comparison to the reflectivity of other ordinary resistive touch screens around 16%~22%, AMT presented the Low Reflective Touch Screens of CR (Circular Polarizer) series of reflectivity lowered to 1.5% and LN (Linear Polarizer) series lowered to 6.5% while some other products even lowered to 1%. 



Diagonale12.10 "
TechnologieLow Refelctive Touch
Outline (Wichtig!)259.40x198.00 mm
Aktive Fläche246.50x185.30 mm
InterfaceFPC / ZIF
Temperaturbereich-20 - 70 °C
Bemerkung12,1" Low Reflective Touch